Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just What I Was Thirsty For

While I was in Tennessee, I got to spend time with several old friends. These are people I have known for a long time (one since freshman year of high school, so for over 20 years (knock me over with a feather!)) and people who remember me when I was slender and single and had long beautiful hair. Of course Captain Obvious remembers me that way too, but there is so much elese between is nice to talk about old times (times before I even knew Captain Obvious!) with people who were there too. We talked about good times and sad times. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I was refreshed and calmed by the marvelous Southern-isms that fell casually from my friends' mouths. For instance: I made a cup of tea for my friend, and when I asked if she'd like sugar, she replied that I could just stir it with my finger and that would make it sweet enough for her. I could have floated with delight! I can't remember the other really good example that my old high school friend said, but I loved it too.

My thirst for sharing and talking and giving and ... (well, sorry if this is cheesy) loving was slaked (at least, for now). :) I am definitely going to have to seek out their company when I am in Tennessee again.

As weird as it is for me to write this...I miss the South. (I know there are plenty of bad things that I do not miss, but oh there are plenty of things that I do miss...)

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