Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pissed Off

Two days ago (Monday) in the afternoon, Captain Adorable and I walked to a local playground. I like going there because it is so close to the house that Captain Adorable can walk, thus adding to his daily exercise and helping him to fall asleep at night. Plus we can walk about half the way through on a jog path, where we see lots of birds and squirrels.

It was a lovely day, and I had brought along his little running bike in the wagon, figuring if he wanted to practice on it, the big field where the playground is located would be perfect. As soon as we got there, Capt. Adorable explored the playground, as usual. We were the only people there. I was on the swing and he was having fun running around climbing on the playground equipment. Then he went down the slide. At the bottom was a puddle and it got all over his pants. I did not think much of this, but walked over to clear the water out of the slide before he went down it again. I quickly scooped my hand into the bottom of the slide, pushing the water off.

At that moment I realized it was urine. Some fuckhead had pissed in the bottom of the slide, guaranteeing that anyone who went down the slide would end up in a puddle of urine. Fucking wonderful. Now I had this idiot's pee all over my hand/arm and Capt. Adorable had it all over his pants/shirt. I was sooooooo angry! Now I had to get myself, my son, the wagon, and the bike home as soon as possible to wash this nasty stuff off! I did not yell at Capt. Adorable or anything, but I know I was radiating anger. He was completely confused as to why we were leaving in such a hurry and of course did not want to come along like a cooperative little boy, which upped my frustration level quite a lot since I did not want to touch him with my pee hand.


I talked to a couple of other parents and I guess I am going to have to inspect playground equipment before letting Captain Adorable get on it as this seems to be a known problem. As overly dramatic as it sounds, my faith in humans has been lessened by this experience.


T said...

How shitty. I am sorry you guys experienced that. We had an incident at one of our parks a year or two ago when people were putting/leaving broken glass bottles under the sand. Nice huh?

AP said...

Ugh. People can really, really suck. Whoever did that needs to be attacked by a herd of angry parents.

Anonymous said...

while that is really gross and horrible of people to do at least urine is basically sterile.

Anonymous said...

I went with four little kids and my 12 year old neice to the park on Thanksgiving (I am in Canada so that was this past Sunday). My neice warned me to stop the kids from sliding down the slide....there was a puddle of urine at the bottom....

Doug McCaughan said...

I believe there are far more good people than bad. Unfortunately the bad acts can stand out so prominently.

Please keep your faith in mankind. One bad apple doesn't have to spoil the bunch.

It was likely the act of vandal, probably a teenager thinking they were being funny. Perhaps it was a child who was beaten up on the playground seeking vindication against the other children and never thinking of the innocents that would suffer from his/her actions. Maybe a child did not want to quit playing and lost its bladder on the slide. Then again, perhaps a drunkard wandered through the park and took aim at the slide.

The circumstances remain unknown but on thing is sure, the person who did it was troubled. Don't let their troubled soul taint yours like that bad apple in the barrel trying to ruin the bunch.

And thanks for the warning. I'll be check the slides and equipment from now on.

Diana said...

oh God. Why are some people such IDIOTS?!