Friday, October 17, 2008

Hair and Other News

So much of my hair has fallen out that, starting yesterday, I am wearing a scarf on my head. This makes me much sadder than I had thought it would. I look at photos of myself from last year and golly I had beautiful, thick, shiny, silky hair. Such a nice color too. I'd like to have it back. I remember that I hated the hair cut I got to prepare for chemo so much that I actually said "I wish it would all fall out." Now I wish I had never cut my hair. I wish that my hair would stop falling out (and not just because I've run out of hair to lose!). It makes me very, very sad.

In Other News
Captain Adorable said his first sentence yesterday!!! OK, it wasn't really a sentence, but it included a verb and a noun, so I'm calling it one. :) Here's the story.

We were eating lunch. He was having a quesadilla and some guacamole (he loooooves guacamole). Of course he had abandoned the spoon in favor of his hands. :) Then he showed me his guacamole-covered hand and said "hand! hand!" in a way that lets me know he wants me to wipe his hand for him. I did not want to clean it off since I knew he was going to comtinue eating and I didn't want to have to clean off his hands after each bite! So, I told him to just continue eating. Instead, to my surprise, he lifted up his shirt and rubbed his guacamole hand on his belly! I had a little laugh at that, but got a paper towel (my wasteful, anti-green addiction), and wiped off his belly, hand, and the bit that was on his shirt and sat down. He then looked at me with his shirt in both hands, saying "shirt? shirt?" and then "take, take." I asked him if he wanted me to take off his shirt and he said yes, so I did.

Like I said, not reeeeaaaaallly a sentence, but good enough for a mama like me!!


Anonymous said...

It's a sentence in my book! Way to go, CA!


AP said...

How about some fetching hats? To put a positive spin on it (shoot me if this is too annoying), you're losing your hair just in time for winter!

Diana said...

Oh sweetheart, I saw you just a couple Wednesdays ago and I think you look beautiful!

Barbara said...

Just getting caught up on your blog... Hawaii! The wonderful pix of Captain Adorable... Seeing you in your parents backyard and remembering being there for your engagement party... The wonderful pic of you and Captain Adorable in the ocean. Beautiful.

I hate hate hate that the cancer is still with you. I hope for your continued strength, physical & emotional health. And, gawddammit: a cure.

Thank you for getting in touch with me today. There's plenty to catch up on on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. Ok, so we're on the same side of that line, but I was hoping you'd grant me a bit of poetic license there.

Barbara said...

Just caught up on your blog... Hawaii... wonderful pix of you n Cap'n Adorable... you sitting in your parents back yard and me remembering being there with you a few times.

I hate hate hate that the cancer's still with you. I hope for your continued emotional and physical strength. And, gawddammit, for a cure.

Thanks for getting in touch today. We've plenty to catch up on on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. Ok, so we're on the same side of that line, but I was hoping you'd grant me some poetic license there.

Doug McCaughan said...

Definitely a sentence! I remember holding my little ones and telling them I can't wait to have conversations with them. Awesome moment for you!

Btw, it's not your hair that makes you beautiful!

mamefati said...

thinking of you