Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Good Day

Captain Obvious is in Philadelphia for work (boohoo) so my parents came up this week to see Captain Adorable, oh and me too. ;) It is nice to have them here to help me out with my darling active toddler, especially because he is really exploding with words and concepts right now, so they get to see the magic taking place and I get to share this wonder with others who love him and love to talk about him as much as I do!

This morning we left at about 9:30 for the drive up to see my Grandma at her retirement facility in Baltimore. She has her own apartment, and the rest of the amenities are very nice. This was the first time I had really taken Captain Adorable to see her in her own territory (she's been to our house to see him a few times). My little one grabbed Grandma's walker and had a fabulous time pushing it up and down the halls. He entertained himself, his mother, his grandparents, and his great-grandmother that way. He also played the grand piano a bit, with help from my dad, which they both thoroughly enjoyed. When it was time for lunch, he surprised me by gobbling food down as if it were going out of style. (I never think he eats enough...)

Then he fell asleep on the drive home and transferred to bed for an additional 45 minutes. A new friend came over to have tea with me (and my Mommy!) and it was wonderful to hang out with her, chatting, sharing my special tea and tea set, and getting to know her. I also got to hold her gorgeous! sweet! good-smelling! 3! month! old! baby! girl! She was wearing an adorable little dress and shirt outfit, too. Oh, she was lovely! (Can you tell I really enjoyed that?) Once Captain Adorable woke up, my Mom entertained him/played with him and eventually took him for a walk to the playground in our subdivision. The day care kids were there and apparently he and another little boy played together (well, next to each other: parallel play)! How cool!

Our new Obama shirts arrived, then my Mom and I cooperatively cooked dinner and Dad came home (he spent the whole day with his mother) and we all had a nice dinner together. After dinner I checked my blog for comments and there was a rather complimentary one waiting for approval. I finished the kimono I was sewing for Mom (except for the belt) and she cinched the waist band of a couple more pairs of Captain Adorable's pants. (His pants are all too big, plus he doesn't wear diapers, which would hold them up, so at least 50% of the reason I put the cover on him when we leave the house is to hold his pants up!) Now he has more pants to wear than just the 12-18 month sweat pants from last winter, which fit his waist but are a bit short in the leg, around the house.

I am going to get my second tattoo tomorrow. Will post pics soon.

Speaking of tattoos, there are a few of you (Mr. Geometry and his Lovely Wife, Ms. Wildflower, Ms. Breadwinner, and Mr. Bon Vivant) whom I have asked to join us and get inked...what's the deal? How many nudges do you need??? Or have you just not sent me the pic yet? Kisses to all!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the tattoo!! I've wanted one for years but can't decide on the design. It's about time for me, though.

Amina said...

Kerry - I was so happy for this excuse to finally do a tattoo!

Tasnima - you make me smile with your 2nd one... I know how tempting it becomes. Before long we will all be in glorious technicolor (trade mark probably!)
And I think I like the sound of Infinity Tribe better than some ole club. What do you think?

Amina said...

oh and yes, that lizard is totally gorgeous!