Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Watched the VP Nominee Debate

I am absolutely for Obama. According to what I have read, his leadership would mean my best shot at continuing to receive good (or better than good) health care, which is what I need to increase my chances of long-term survival. It is not the only reason I respect Obama and would like him to be the next POTUS, but it is a big one.

Not surprisingly, I am absolutely against McCain. I think his leadership would take us down the same path the Bush administration started this country on and this path sucks. In addition, McCain's proposed health care plans are frightening. They scare the pants off of me, anyhow. Cancer is expensive. Very, very expensive.

This is my blog and I'll make political comments if I want to. ;) This blog is not about politics, but politics affect every aspect of our lives, and for me health care policy is number one on my list of Policies On Which To Evaluate Presidential Candidates. (The list also includes women's rights, war/peace, energy, education, environment, gay rights, et cetera...)

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AP said...

Hear, hear! I'm going to try to go either north or south (PA or VA) for canvassing and election protection. I'm so nervous about this election.