Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home Front

We are back from a wonderful trip with Captain Obvious' family. How incredibly nice to be together with everyone, and how wonderful to no longer be the only wife/significant other in the mix. The only way the situation would be completely perfect is if there were another child the same/similar age as Captain Adorable. :)

Meanwhile, for the very first time ever, we've hired someone to work on our house. He's working on the dining room--sanding the ceiling and painting. It is not quite done yet, but it looks so much better. I am looking forward to serving dinner in there when my parents are here to visit.

Sinterklaas and Hanukkah are almost upon us! Celebration season is coming up! Presents and cookies everywhere!


Nya gwa said...

hooray for presents and cookies everywhere!!!

Nya gwa said...

hooray for presents and cookies! xx