Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birthday Party With A Bang

Today was Captain Adorable's birthday party. We had it at a local gymnastics place. Essentially the kids got to have the whole (new, clean, beautiful, well equiped) gym to themselves for 2 hours. We had invited 9 kids, one canceled last night, and two could not come because of their parents' work schedules, but the remaining 6 guests who did show all had a great time...except for one poor little sweetheart. He was the one friend Captain Adorable had mentioned by name over and over for the last week, saying he missed the friend. He was the first guest to arrive, with his parents and brand-new (2 and a half week old) sister in tow. I did not see what happened, but early on he and his daddy were jumping on the trampoline together and there was some sort of accident (not clear on details--did he fall of? Or simply take the brunt of the energy of landing? I am not sure. Anyhow, he did start crying and did not stop...finally his parents left to take him to the urgent care facility nearby and it turns out he broke his leg just below the knee! Poor guy! He just turned 2 a couple of days ago and now this...uh I feel so bad for him. I think we will try to visit him next week and bring him something to cheer him up.

The other kids, including Captain Adorable had a fabulous time, and I had a nice time talking with the moms. My sweet MIL brought a fabulous spread of delicious food, so we all had delicious yummies to munch on. :)

I was amazed at the presents our friends brought and we opened presents for about 3 hours after we got home! All such wonderful things! Captain Adorable had a drill from me that I gave him during Hanukkah, then Captain Obvious gave him a tool set which included another drill for his birthday, and one of our guests also gave him a drill (which converts to a jigsaw and a sander), so the lucky thing has 3 drills now! He's in heaven!

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