Thursday, January 8, 2009

He's Growing!

Please allow me to brag a bit. :)

According to the measurements taken at Captain Adorable's 24 month well baby visit (although I am not sure if it is called a well baby visit anymore, seeing as he is decidedly NOT a baby...) he was weighed and measured, and despite my constant worries about how much he eats, he is definitely growing!

As of January 7, 2009:
He weighed 26 and a half pounds (for the first time he had to stand on the scale instead of lie/sit in the baby scale!) (34th percentile--he's skinny...)
He stands 35.5 inches high! (83rd percentile, but we knew he would be tall, based on his father's family alone)
His head is 49.5 cm or 19.5 inches in circumference. (75th percentile. He's got a nice-sized brain, what can I say?)

The pediatrician was impressed with both his language development (2 word combos are old hat, saying 3 word combos on a regular basis, and one 4 word combo so far) and his number comprehension (understands the concepts 1 and 2, and can count, by rote, to 5 if in the mood.

One major development I have seen in the past 2 weeks is that all of a sudden he now sits down in his seat when we go to a restaurant! We will see if this lasts...but I sure hope so!


Anonymous said...

He is beautiful!


mamefati said...

Thinking of you always!

Anonymous said...

He's cute and certainly doesn't look skinny.

zjoandcsmom said...

I stumble upon your blog through Mothering several months ago. I have been following your story and am in awe of your courage. I hope you'll 'update' soon. Your son is beautiful and shares my dds birthday (different year though). Hope all is well and you are just taking a blog break.doodle1