Monday, January 12, 2009

Mammogram Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a mammogram. After that Captain Obvious and I will meet with the oncology fellow who has been caring for me at NCI. I know that the meeting is to discuss the results of the endoscopy/colonoscopy, upper GI with small bowel follow-through, and mammogram. I know that so far we've not found any cancer in the first two tests and I'm expecting that the mammogram will find nothing either.

I've already talked to the oncologist about this and I know that the official diagnosis has changed, again. I will post about it tomorrow, when I know more myself.

In other news, my poor Mom and my poor little Captain Adorable are both sick. Both were tired and felt bad (Captain Adorable barely ate anything at all) and then started throwing up at about midday. My Mom needed to lie down and Captain Adorable actually sat still (in my lap) for a couple of hours! Throwing up seemed to scare him, so I tried to calm him by telling him it was ok to throw up, that it just meant he was sick. Poor little one. He INSISTED on eating some rice for dinner (he ate only a few bites) and of course it came right back up. Captain Obvious and I put him in the bath and then I put him to bed. He fell asleep so fast! I hope he sleeps 12 hours and kills off that beastie in his belly. My Mom just came downstairs and she said she feels better...I hope she also continues to heal, especially since they have to be along together for a few hours tomorrow while Capt. Obvious and I are at NIH.

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