Thursday, January 29, 2009

JHH Appointment Tomorrow

So, I have an appointment with an oncologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital tomorrow. As you know, I am not a fan of JHH. Of course, my visit to UMD showed me a few things I appreciate about JHH (tolerance towards children, quick/easy getting to appointment (the orange card at JHH versus waiting in lines at UMD)). I also called the NCI folk to check up on the JHH people. It seems that the JHH people have indeed been in contact with the NCI folk in preparation for my visit. They are ready to discuss treatment, not debate diagnosis (as UMD did, much to my extreme disappointment). I hate to ask Capt. Obvious to skip an important work meeting tomorrow morning, but for an oncology appointment that (I hope) promises to be as productive as this one, we both think it is worth it.

Had to cancel a playdate on Friday also. Sigh.

I will update this blog about the visit, of course. My sweet MIL will be in the waiting room with Captain adorable. :) Makes me feel at ease that way.

We're going to Costa Rica on Wednesday! YAY!

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