Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cheering Myself Up

I've been feeling sad and overwhelmed lately. The bread maker got smashed a few days ago (fell off the counter during the kneading cycle) and I started looking into reviews in order to get an idea of which one to buy. Instead of buying a machine, I got inspired by my friends (Ms. Resourceful, SteadyHands, and a couple others). I decided to try baking bread without a machine. Someone gave me a web site for No Knead Crusty Bread and, well, I followed the recipe and I was quite pleased with what came out of the oven. A photo of the results is above. The Captains liked it too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Joyce a friend of your mom's from Tennessee. Last time I saw you was at the baby shower! My how he has grown and Quite Adorable! I get Mother Earth News and this bread is on my list to do. Nice to see the finished product. Love Joyce

Anonymous said...

Mother Earth News is da bomb. My dad's been receiving it since before I was born. It's great if you're into organic living; there's always lots of great tips.

Amina said...

the bread looks great - and the best part of baking bread - apart from the smell as it bakes - is the kneading. You can put all your love into that. You can do it like a meditation. Ironing too, soothing, nice smells, good time to think about stuff.
Much strength winging its way in your direction.
And love