Friday, January 30, 2009

Intelligent and Intelligible

Although the fellow was a bit of a bitch at first, she became nicer once I told her I thought my diagnosis was true CUP, not colon with an unknown primary. The oncologist was intelligent and intelligible. He went carefully through an explanation of how the pathology and clinical doctors determine where a cancer originates. This explanation was given from an intelligent person to intelligent people (he did not talk down to us, nor did he oversimplify) in a manner that was like a teacher, in that it was well presented, logically sound, did not go off on tangents, and was not argumentative. He seemed to agree with the conclusions of the NCI (and his own Path Dept's) analysis. He seemed to agree that this is indeed true CUP (thought did not say that and it seems to me that he has room to wiggle out of that as well...I am a complicated case).

I decided that I liked what he had to say and the way he treated me (making eye contact the whole time, et cetera). I have decided to go back to JHH. So, we are going to Costa Rica and on our return I will go have another CT scan and then start chemo.

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have fun in Costa Rica!!!