Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Hair Cut

I have mentioned here how lately Captain Adorable's hair has been getting in his eyes and how even I, the no-cutting-that-gorgeous-hair advocate, have been thinking it might be best to give him a bit of a trim. Well, I did it; I cut his hair. I had been hoping to give Deelux the honors (seeing as she is a pro), but she's waaaay busy and we're about to go to Costa Rica, and well, the poor boy needs his hair out of his eyes! This morning, with Captain Obvious there to photograph the moment, I gave him a little trim (totally uneven, I am sure, but with beautiful curls like Capt. Adorable has, I don't think it matters too much). I used my second-best sewing scissors and next time I will use my best ones (or maybe next time we will be lucky enough to have Deelux do it!). I put the curls I cut off in a zip lock bag...when I get a locket I can chose the perfect curl to keep inside.

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mamefati said...

it was so hard for me to cut my little ones hair for the first time. it made time seem to go by really fast. however, it opened up a new chapter and it was amazing to see such a grown up little boy underneath all that hair!
these are the best memories of being a mommy.
love the pic- wish i had taken one.