Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chemo Tomorrow

I have not gotten all the things done that I wanted to do in order to prepare for starting chemo tomorrow. But I had a nice all-Mama-and-son-day yesterday. I think it is more important for me to give him (and myself) these precious moments than it is to clean the clutter (crap, papers, odds and ends) out of the kitchen. Went out to dinner with my Captains last night and had a margarita and a half. Last alcohol for a long time (maybe as long as 5-6 months). Last dinner out for a while.

Took Captain Adorable to our swimming lesson (Mommy and Me) this morning, which was nice, except that he was a bit grumpy and demanding to play with toys instead of participating in the lesson. I was amazed that he is now tall enough to stand unassisted in the shallow end of the pool since last time we were there i had to hold him. We both had a good time. My Mom will take him next week.

Then we did a little grocery shopping and when we got in the car at the end, I was sitting in the back with him (not buckled in) to feed him a sandwich and the poor guy threw up all over himself. Sigh. (All my worries and warnings to friends and family to get flu shots and avoid infection...) Poor little one has been getting worse ever since. He's now got diarhea on top of the vomiting. I am going to call my oncologist and ask if we should wait till Monday to start the chemo...


OhMama said...

Oh, Rose. *hugs* and *hugs* To you and your little one. I hope he gets well soon. And I hope that this round of chemo kicks your cancer's a&^!

Anonymous said...

My vote is not to postpone chemo.

Are they treating you for lung cancer still - or is the new regimen made for colon cancer?

Good luck, and take it one day at a time.

Kerry said...

good luck my friend!! hope little guy feels better soon and that all can happen as quickly as possible, including the end of those damn tumors.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you. I am mid chemo for stage II breast cancer and also had to wean at ten mos are in my thoughts, even tho you don't know me!