Saturday, February 7, 2009

Costa Rica So Far

OK, here I am, writing my blog from our hotel room's veranda. We are now in Playa Conchal. It is lovely here (yes, we are big losers and we are at a resort). The weather is gorgeous, except for the fact that it is weirdly windy here (and when I say weirdly windy, I mean really windy! At lunch some of the lettuce got blown off my plate by a good gust!). It is hot enough to make you want to jump in the cool pool, but not too hot. Evenings are nice so far. Last night was our first night at this elevation, so it could be different tonight. I kinda doubt it, as everywhere we go, we see outside rooms, by which I mean an area outside with a flat floor and a roof type covering but no walls. I assume Costa Ricans use these rooms to eat, hang out, et cetera. Capt. Adorable likes them a lot.

The day and night before we arrived here we were in Monteverde, which is a beautiful area high up in the mountains, dedicated to protecting the cloud forests there. On vacation Capt. Adorable has been sleeping in "Mama's bed," which is a good thing because it was cold and we were not prepared for that, nor was there any heat in our room! It was cool and I would like to go back there. We went on a walking canopy tour, which means you walk about 3 kilometers in the cloud forest on a nice walk way and every so often you get to go across the canopy (the trees canopy) by walking across these hanging iron bridges. The views are amazing, even if the day is cold and rainy, like it was the day we went. The trail had 8 bridges and by the third one, Captain Adorable saying things like "Dadai, hotel, yes." So it was good we had not shelled out the extra cash for a guide, since we had to hurry our way through the trail (do you know how a miserable two year old can motivated parents? Poor guy.). Of course, Captain Obvious and I were also cold and wet, seeing as I had brought plenty of warm clothes for Capt. Adorable, but NONE for me...and I do not pack for Captain Obvious, so he was also a bit cold. Still, it was amazing and I'd like to go again sometime. I have tons of pics, and will post them when I have a chance.

Today we spent swimming in the pool and playing on the beach. Here, the crazy wind does not make you cold and maybe even prevents you from getting too hot. All of us are having a great time in the pool and on the beach. I think we will all sleep well tonight!

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It sounds wonderful. Enjoy!