Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm A Big Complainer

Oh, I just feel exhausted. Last time I did chemo I was determined to be strong, determined to be there for my little baby (he was only 10 months! whew!) and I soldiered on as energetically as possible. This time I feel more drained and less motivated. I feel less hungry, too. I am also more full of complaints than last time as well. I am so grateful that my parents are here to help me. I am such a loser for being all passive-aggressive and complaining in my blog about little unimportant things. I am very lucky to have their help and their attention, and I do not know what I would do with out it. Especially while Captain Adorable had rotavirus (he is soooo much better today, not sitting still at all!) and wanted to do nothing except be held by me. Honestly, who could I hire to do what they do to help me? Even if we could afford it, I have no idea who would do what my parents do for me. I am a big complainer and I should set the record straight and say thank goodness they are here with us now. I just wish they could have a house sitter so we would not have to worry about their dogs and cats getting enough attention and the pipes freezing while they are away.


mamefati said...

Girl, you are so allowed to complain. Don't even be down on yourself about that, but also let it out and keep on going. Everyone understands and thinks you are AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

You are strong, determined and tired. And that is more than okay. Ask for what you need, it's what the people who love you want to know.

You are doing this. You are fighting. Give yourself a lot of credit for that. A whole lot.


Anonymous said...

Can you send your son to live with your parents while you are going through this? That would seem to be the optimal solution - right?

Rose said...

Hi Anonymous, I don't think you've been reading this blog for long. If you had, you wouldn't ask such a question. Instead of answering, I will just say that if you read a bit more you will find that your question answers itself. Best, Rose