Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vomiting From Both Mother And Son

Yesterday Captain Adorable still vomited up (or coughed up) the food he ate, leading us to ask him to eat smaller portions more slowly...eventually Captain Obvious made him a banana and pear juice smoothie (high in potassium, which is apparently important when you might be getting dehydrated). Today he seems better than yesterday. He's sitting at the table with his grandparents right now, chatting along while they eat breakfast (he's not eating, just feeding Opa). He did not feel well enough to do even that yesterday, so I am taking this as a good sign. He is holding down the 1/2 scrambled egg and banana/pear smoothie he had earlier.

I felt bad this morning as usual. Vomited about 4 times while trying to figure out which meds to take. I do not like looking at those prescription bottles since my body's reaction is so fast and so unequivocal. And yet my Dad did not understand that I needed him to find the drug for me and I was not able to explain it since I was about to vomit. I pretty much need to have things set out for me. But how do you say, uhm, yes, could you wait on me hand and foot please? Difficult to ask, even from my own parents. I guess I am doing it (oh so slyly) by writing about it here...

I also can't drink or eat or hold or touch anything cold because it causes a painful pins-and-needles feeling in my skin (whatever is touched by cold). So this means that when I have to eat something with the chemo drug I have to take, I cannot just pull some hummus out of the fridge to eat because it is cold. So, I have to cook or heat something, which often means that I take the meds a bit late...I wish my Mom could help me a little more with that, also. Oh I am just full of complaints. I feel yucky and tired and excuses excuses.

Yesterday the doorbell rang (as we were changing the sheets after a HUGE diarrhea diaper leaked) and a friend was at the door with a lentil casserole. She did not come in, just handed over the food (oh, and some cookies!!) and left. It was so nice of her to bring us this treat. We had it for dinner and I am sure that we will have some for lunch as well. Delicious and nutritious! Totally sweet of her to take the time to do this, seeing as she's not exactly unoccupied herself, with a toddler and a little baby depending on her.

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