Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Accident While Out

So, today was a pretty good day. No, not my fantasy birthday, but a nice day. The train museum was fun, someone came to see the house while I was out, and I got everything I wanted to get accomplished at JHH done.

Speaking of the train museum, I was very, very disappointed to discover that Captain Adorable had pooped in his undies after lunch. I had to throw out the undies he was wearing (a cute pair of boxer briefs with trains on them from Gymboree). Of course I had a spare pair of undies and shorts in the diaper bag, and I reminded my little Captain that I also carry a potty seat for him everywhere we go and if he needs to poop, he just has to let me know and I can take him to the bathroom and set him up with a good place to poop. Later, at JHH, we went into the bathroom for him to pee and he asked for the potty seat. I knew he didn't have to poop, but I wanted to show him that if he asked I would deliver, so I hustled and got him on the potty seat. All he did was a pee, but I was quite happy that he gave me the chance to make good on my promise. I just hope next time he remembers before he poops his pants.

Captain Obvious is in California right now. I miss him, and being a single parent gets a little tiring, especially because this chemo does make me tired and today I did not get to have a nap. I was relieved when I finally got Captain Adorable to sleep this evening; I quietly got out of his bed, went downstairs, and served myself a bit of ice cream. I turned around to get my phone and there he was! Agh! But he was super cute. "Mama, I can't sleep wifout you." I took him upstairs and put him in my bed. I told him to put himself to sleep by thinking about Little Bear and Mother Bear and all of Little Bear's friends. As I left, I heard him talking and went back in the room to ask him what he was saying. He told me to leave, that he was just talking about Father Bear to himself. :)


Amina said...

Emboldened by your stories, when I went babysitting this week for my just 2 year-old grandson, I decided to begin active encouragement of potty-use. I took the thing upstairs to the bathroom and took his wet diaper off. He immediately sat down on the potty. I left the room to get a clean diaper and when I came back he was standing up pointing to this golden puddle! He was so interested... I confess I did not stop him when he put his hand in it (obviously washed him properly right after). We then ceremoniously poured it in the loo and I asked permission to flush it,
Later would you believe a poo! And of course lots of sitting and asking me to empty nothing - which I did.
His mother was amazed when she got him. I feel like this week's super-granny - I confess to looking for other mums and grans to report my triumph! haha

Rose said...