Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Birthday

Today is my thirty-sixth birthday. :) This morning we are going to the train museum with Ms. Breadwinner's husband and sons. Should be fun! This afternoon I have to go to Johns Hopkins to sign authorization forms and get my most recent CT scans on CD to take to NCI. Really looking forward to it. NOT.

Anyhow, yesterday was day 7 of no more diapers. It went well. I do have a funny story for you, though. As usual, we were in the kitchen while I was making breakfast. Captain Adorable was standing on his step-stool at the counter and all of a sudden he told me there was "throw up on my butt." I was confused and thought he was just saying something silly. Then I smelled a stinky fart and asked him if he wanted to go sit on the potty. Sure enough, when he pulled down his pants, there was a little bit of diarrhea on his butt! He sat down and did the rest of his poo (ttal liquid, poor guy) in his potty, and then I cleaned him up. So the "throw up" on his butt was a little bit of poo that sneaked out when he farted! As we say in this house, he gambled and lost. I still rewarded him with 3 episodes of Little Bear, because, after all, he did his best and he got most of his poop in the potty (pretty impressive for diarrhea).


Diana said...

Happy happy birthday! So funny that you spent like three words on your birthday and then a whole paragraph on your son's poop. :D Ah, motherhood....

ewp11100 said...

Happy Birthday! I just realized it's been 1 year since I got my infinity tattoo, wow time does fly:)

Ms. Resourceful