Saturday, September 19, 2009

House Hunting Blows Chunks

So, the buyers have done a home inspection and a termite inspection on our house. Guess what they found. If you said "nothing," or "not much," you'd be correct. The things they have asked us to repair (and that we are contractually obligated to fix) are small and, mostly, in my opinion, trivial. Because, of course, our house rocks. Anyhow the fixes they want are no big deal. Looks like the deal is indeed going forward. Settlement is still scheduled for October 15.

October 15?! FUCK! We need to buy a house, like, a week ago! We saw NINE houses yesterday and none of them was the one. They all needed work or we didn't like the floor plan or had needed new carpet and flower stencils on the new kitchen floor (vomit) so that would need to be replaced too. You get the idea. Sigh.

There is one house that Captain Obvious likes because it is cheap. It has tons of potential. It is in a water privileged community, in area where we want to live. It has a walk-out basement which is unfinished and once we finish that, it will double the size of the house, which is already bigger than our current house (oh, wait, this isn't really our house anymore, is it?). We don't need a huge amount of space, and we don't want to pay to heat/cool a big house, but it would be nice to stretch out a bit. The only problem is that we'd have to live in the grotty upstairs while we worked on the downstairs and then move downstairs while we worked on the upstairs. Not what I want to sign up for in the least. But, my darling husband is inspired. He does good work--very good work, and he gets the job done. When inspired, he does a super good job. But oh my oh my I really do not want to live in a house that we are working on. cousin, who is an architect, has agreed to come have a look at 2 houses (one is my favorite...but not perfect at all, and one is the house I discussed above) with us tomorrow and give his opinion. And we're having a look at a house that claims it is completely renovated and needs no work but has no water privileges. We will see...

A cute story:
This morning in bed (he's been sick, so our little Captain has been insisting on sleeping in "mama's bed" I told Captain Adorable that the doctor might be able to take out all my cancer. I went into more detail, but of course kept it simple and positive, but I did mention that I would have to stay in the hospital after the surgery. My idea is to discuss this now and then for the next few months so by the time the surgery rolls around, he will be fully informed and perfectly comfortable with the idea.

A little later I was on the phone trying to schedule a plumber's to come fix the things requested by the buyers and Captain Adorable was using his wooden tongs as a phone. I overheard him and he was saying, "yes, doctor, please take out cancer." Made me smile!

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