Thursday, September 24, 2009

No New House Yet

Well, Captain Obvious decided to veto the offer before it was submitted. He had some good points and although I found it disappointing and frustrating, I am glad that he vetoed a house he would have been uncomfortable living in! It is not at all productive for me to be disappointed or frustrated, so I've let go of those emotions and have moved on to a different plan. We had a talk abot what exactly we are each looking for in a house and then I complied those lists into a master list. I hope we can find a house we both love which meet the criteria.

Buying this new house is much harder than buying the one we (Lord willing and the creek don't rise) just sold. This time we have a child, and the house/neighborhood we buy will have a much bigger impact on his life than on ours. His needs, as we have discovered, are really at the top of the list. Finding a house that is within budget, with all our requirements and would-likes is going to be very hard. Figuring out where and how much we can compromise will also be difficult.

Today was the appraisal for this house. Tomorrow is a termite inspection. I have not started packing yet. Captain Obvious wants to drive to a new neighborhood to check it out this weekend. I think it is a waste of time to check the place out on the weekend and we should use that time to look at houses while we are checking out the neighborhood. Boo. We will figure it out.

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