Friday, September 11, 2009

Houses, Houses, Houses

So, yeah, our house is on the market. We've had 14 showings in 11 days. Things are moving fast! We're also looking at houses. There is a nice selection on the market, but as usual, if only we had more money, then we could get the house we really, really want... ;) I guess it is always like that, no matter how much you have to spend. The constant showings are great, but living a life without being able to be in my house whenever it is convenient for me is seriously annoying. And looking for a house that meets the location requirements, bedroom requirements, bathroom requirements, amenities requirements, and gut feelings of two decisive people with quite different opinions (Captain Obvious and I) is not easy.

We've received one offer so far and I think we're going to get at least one and maybe two more. (I told Capt. Obvious this would happen!) I hope I haven't jinxed it by writing it here, of course. ;) We're going to review all offers on Monday evening and then make a decision regarding what to do next (accept, counter offer, reject).

They're all going to want to settle before Nov. 30. That's because that's the deadline for the first-time home buyer's tax credit. First time home buyers have to go to settlement before Dec. 1 in order to assure themselves an $8500 from the State of Maryland. That's why we're getting so much traffic and that's why we'll get multiple offers in a market where houses are sitting for months...that and the price (which I think is too low, but hey as long as we can get out of here and into the next house, I'm fine with it!).

We're talking about what to do next now--apartment? Living with friends in Takoma Park for a while? I want the transition period to be as short as possible because I want it to be as easy as possible for Captain Adorable. I also have some health issues (which I am going to do a separate post about) which lead me to desire a house to come home to...


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