Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Coco Joe's

This morning the Captains and I hit the beach before 7:00. :) Captain Adorable was sooooo happy to finally, finally, finally be at the beach. I was happy too, despite the early hour. The constant screams and squeals of joy he emitted for the first hour were golden to my ears. The beach is totally natural, unspoiled, and gorgeous. There are no buildings, no billboards, and barely any people in sight. There are beautiful birds and plants and flowers. There are coconuts all over the place.

Coco Joe's is the name of the bungalow we moved into today and where we will all stay for the next 4 nights. There is a big porch/veranda here. The ocean is steps away. On the table are bread, cheese, wine, and olives. Leonard Cohen on the mp3 player.

Maybe tomorrow we'll go snorkeling.


Anonymous said...

Sounds relaxing as I sit on a conference call on a rainy cold day and discuss my new tenant's cafeteria. Take me with you!!!

Have tons of fun.

Love, Ms. Breadwinner.

Leia said...

That sounds like an AWESOME way to spend Thanksgiving...or any day, for that matter!

Color me jealous on this cold, rainy, dreary November day in MD!

mamefati said...

Awesome! What an amazing place to be with your family! Have tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

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