Monday, November 23, 2009

From Montezuma

Hey everyone, I'm in Montezuma, Costa Rica with the Captains and my FIL and his wife (yes, a different person than the one I call my sweet MIL here in this blog). We travelled on airplanes what seemed like all day on Sunday and today we travelled in a private taxi and on a ferry and on the taxi again to reach this hotel. It is on the beach. Like, I can hear the waves from where I am lying on my bed with the door and all the windows closed. Should be fun tomorrow!

Health news: no firm date for surgery yet. Off chemo for now, but will do one more session when I get back (so will start Dec 2 or 3). I feel good right now but do not look forward to this last session of chemo. I am getting very tired of chemo and what it does to my body.

More later. Captain Obvious needs to watch a basketball game, so he needs this computer.

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