Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Preliminary CT Report

If you don't feel like reading the report, the good news is: "stable to minimal growth." Yes, indeed, good news indeed. I cried with happiness there in the office when the onc told me! And now, in case you are interested, I retyped the report for you (and added a couple of comments in italics). Enjoy!

** Preliminary Result ** Preliminary Result ** Preliminary Result **

Exam: CBW 5011 -- CT ABD and Pelvis w/Contr CT -- Nov 11, 2009 14:08

Clinical History: Non-small cell lung cancer (Which of course annoys me since I think all the oncs now agree that I have Cancer of Unknown Primary, but whatever)

Comparison: 8/12/09

Technique: CT images of the chest abdomen and pelvis were obtained following the uneventful adminstration of IV contrast. The patient was also given oral contrast.


Chest CT:
Multiple bilatera; pulmonary nodules, which appear either unchanged or minimally increased in size since prior exam.

The largest difference is in a right lower lung mass measuring 2.2 x 1.8 cm (series 4: Image 47), previously 1.9 x 1.5 cm. Right upper lung mass now measures 2.0 x 1.8 cm (previously 1.7 x 1.5), series 4: Image 34. The remainder of the previously noted nodules are grossly unchanged.

The tracheobronchial tree is patent. Small loculated pleural effusion right posterior medial lung base, stable. Suggestion of right lower and middle lobectomy. (No shit, huh?)

Thyroid gland is unremarkable. No evidence of bulky supraclavicular, axillary, hilar, or medistinal lyphadenopathy. Focal calcification in the subcarinal region, likely calcified medistinal lymph node, stable since prior exam. Minimal calcification thoracic aorta. No evidence of pericaridal effision.

Abdomen CT:

Liver, gallbladder, spleen, bilateral adrenal glands, and pancreas appear unremarkable. Multiple unchanged hypodensities in the left kidney which likely represent cysts. Right kidney is unremarkable.

Stomach and small bowel appear unremarkable. No evidence of bulky retroperitoneal, or abdominal lymphadenopathy exceeding 1 cm. Celiac axis, SMA, and bilateral renal arteries are patent. Portal vein and splenic vein are patent.

Pelvis CT:

Urinary bladder and uterus are unremarkable. The left ovary measures approximately 4 0.1 x 2.5cm. Right ovary not visualized (it came out when I was 16). No evidence of bulky inguinal or pelvic lymphadenopathy. Large bowel appears unremarkable.


1. Multiple bilateral pulmonary masses, which appears to be stable to minimally larger than on prior examination.
2. Multiple renal cysts.


mamefati said...

MANY MANY more continued blessings your way. So happy that your news continues to be good!

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I knew you could do it!!! KISSES!