Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Drive Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Friday) Captain Adorable and I are driving to Tennessee. He has been waiting eagerly for this journey since Monday, when Oma and Opa left and went home. In fact, he woke me up at 5:49 (yes AM) the next day because he thought we were going to Tennessee then. Cute but damn I was tired. Anyhow, we've spent the week saying today is Wednesday and we have swim class and then playground with your friend, tomorrow is Thursday and we have Music Together, then on Friday we will go to Tennessee, et cetera. There is a whole detailed story I have to tell about how we will pack up our stuff and drive past one landmark and another until we finaly reach our destination. I have even added that he may go for a walk in the woods with Oma and Opa the next morning if he would like, hoping to build some extra sleep into the deal for myself...we will see if that works out.

I am looking forward to seeing my parents, but I am looking forward to my son's rejoicing even more.

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