Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It Has Been A Busy Day!

I am a little worried because Captain Adorable was asleep in bed at 7:49 this evening. What time might he awaken? I better go to bed early! We've got swimming tomorrow morning and a ton of errands to run afterwards, so I hope we both get enough sleep...

We did have a rather busy day today! Here's the blow-by-blow:

8:30 am Captain Adorable awakens me.
8:42 am Capt. Adorable wakes me up again.
9:15 am We get out of bed.
9:30 am We are dressed and downstairs ready to eat breakfast. We're supposed to meet our friends at 10:30, so not much time.
9:48 am Breakfast finished and video chat with Captain Obvious.
10:26 am After unceremoniously ending the chat with Capt. Obvious, who was making us late, I am frantically securing Capt. Adorable's car seat safety belt. My phone rings and my friend tells me she is really late. I am relieved. We go play in the backyard.
11:00 am Back in the car.
11:01 am Out of the car to go fetch Capt. Adorable's "directions."
11:06 am Back in the car.
11:27 am Park at Annapolis City Harbor
11:35 am Complimentary ride to the nearby playground
12:30 pm Walk to lunch place
12:40 pm - 1:10 pm Lunch and walk around the harbor
1:17 pm Shopping for life vest and safety flares
1:47 pm Home! Captain Adorable has a snack. Much examination of life vests and new safety whistles. Voice chat with Oma and Opa.
2:25 pm Drive down to the water.
2:28 pm - 3:48 pm Put on life jackets, drag loaner dinghy off rack and down to water, and carefully get in! Row to mooring anchor, write our names on with permanent marker, row back. Put much heavier dinghy away (bilge was full of water after our short trip!).
3:58 pm Back home. Inspect and attempt to repair brake light. Can't find replacement bulbs. Decide to go on a bike ride.
4:21 pm Reach playground.
5:31 pm Back home.
6:31 pm Make dinner and talk on phone to my grandma and my parents while Captain Adorable watches some Bob the Builder.
6:57 pm Eat dinner together
7:26 pm Attempt to watch a sailing video. It will not play. :(
7:30 pm Captain Adorable almost asleep on the couch. I quickly get him to walk upstairs (extremely difficult for me to carry him upstairs!). Pajamas and BED.
7:49 pm I sneak out of sleeping child's bedroom, sort laundry, start a load, think about and plan for tomorrow, and start a blog post.
8:24 pm Now.

Looking forward to lots more time on the water. And for those I might have left wondering, no, we are not having another baby (though of course I would love that). We bought a sailboat. We are looking forward to spending lots of time together just the three of us on the water this summer. A good way to reconnect after being apart when Captain Obvious has to travel for work. Sometimes the stresses of everyday and the various events of life pull us apart. I am hoping that the time we spend on our boat will knit us back together.


alexis224 said...

WOW Rose, congratulations!! That is amazing! What a wonderful hobby for the whole family. My dad took up sailing when we lived in Northern Virginia, and my mom, brother and I were his first, second and third mates. They got so good at sailing (I got good at pouting below deck) that we rented a sailboat in Hawaii and sailed around the islands for five days, anchoring every night. Of course, I was a teenager at this time and thought I was being tortured with all this forced family bonding, but what I wouldn't do to have that opportunity again! Good on you.

Janet said...

That is so cool that you bought a sailboat.
I would like to have your Email address.
Janet H.