Friday, April 2, 2010

A Dream and Some Stories

This morning, at 6:42, Captain Adorable woke up crying and saying, "I not like taking wings off." I was very confused about what this meant and on further (sleepy) questioning discovered that he had woken from a dream in which Daddy was taking off a bird's wings. It went something like this:
There was a grey bird and he flew into a spider's web. A crane rescued him. He slid down down down. Daddy had a long long net.

I presume that Daddy caught the bird in the net and took its wings off? Was not able to get Capt. Adorable to tell me the end of the dream.

This morning he did tell me some stories, though, and I had to presence of mind to type them while he was talking.
So, there was a bear living close to my house. He came out of his cave every morning. And he got older and older and then he died. I was looking for him everywhere. I do not like bears to die.

So, a long time ago there was a bear. A really nice bear. He came to my house. I take him for lots of walks. And there was a sad bear on the road walking with us. I was trying to make it happy. I gave him a bone; he did not lick the juice out. Then i gave candy to him. That sad bear ate some candy and that bear got happy with the candy!

So, I had a small bird feeder going down to the floor. A boff [sic] had a beak and broke it [the bird feeder] off of my hook. Then I had to fix it and then all the bird seed came out. Then it spilled on the ground. Then the birds came to the bird feeder and I had to pick them up and put them down. [With glee.] It was horrible!

Let me tell you a story about moss. Flying moss brings your trees down and breaks boats down and brings necklaces down. [I am wearing a blue glass necklace that he loves very much.] and then the neighbors had to fix it with a jackhammer!

OK, we're off to the library now!

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