Monday, September 20, 2010

Alligators and Superheroes

Yesterday Captain Adorable told my brother and me some stories. Here's the one I enjoyed the most.
Once there was a little alligator and his name was Spider. He had a mommy and her name was Tree because she was all green. Spider and Tree were hungry so they tried to kill a shark. They tried to smash its bones. But they had to keep fighting and fighting and the shark ate Tree. Spider tried to fight the shark to get his mommy out but he couldn't and the shark ate him all up.
 Here's another one, which he told me later in the evening.
Spiderman was looking for some food. He was swinging on his webbing and he crashed into a tree. He broke his mask and his leg and all his webbing came out. He had to go to the doctor. His leg healed and he got new webbing but he could not find another mask so he had to get a Batman mask.

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