Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preschool Again

On Tuesday Capt. Adorable was dropped off and picked up at preschool by Capt. Obvious. According to the Daddy, the whole situation was fine and went just smoothly. The boy was disappointed that I was leaving for the day (I was on my way to an event in DC) but raised no real objections to preschool.

This morning (Thursday) however, when he found out that today was a school day, he immediately started saying that he was sick and could not go to school. I asked, "what if I told you we were going to Port Discovery instead?" and of course the stomach ache and the sickness immediately disappeared. When I told him that today was indeed a school day suddenly he was sick again. Now, he did have a very snotty nose (and has had for a few days now) but no fever. I think it is allergies--more about that later.

In the car when we arrived he asked me to go downstairs to watch him play. I said no and worried why he wanted me to be with him still. However, once at school this morning he was happy and barely said goodbye to me. He opened his backpack (which he packs full of stuff) to show the teacher what was inside before he even went in to school! He clearly enjoys himself at school, so why is he so reluctant to go? And so reluctant to admit he likes it?

My brother and his wife were visiting for the last few days. Although they are expecting a child, they do not have any now and my darling boy was definitely swept to the side (or shall I say, plain old ignored) more often than not. I think this may have increased his need for mama love. His behavior has been crazy at times and has resulted in a lot of discussions and twice I've felt the need to leave a location as a result of misbehavior on his part. Or is it the preschool? Sigh. I just want to support him and make him happy and confident.

I have to go pick him up now. Qucikly I will add that I gave him allergy medicene this morning just to see if it would make him stop sneezing and snotting. He was much less snotty by the time we got to school; I wonder how it will be when I pick him up.

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