Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Fun on the Water

Lately we've been doing sunset sails. We leave at about 4-5 in the evening and get home at about 8:30-9:30 (but usually about 9). We motor till the channel is wide enough and the wind strong enough to sail in the river and then just sit back and relax and watch the sunset. Usually we have dinner from Subway (I know, I'm a loser but at least it is vaguely healthy...) and perhaps Capt. Obvious and I share a bottle of wine. Or he has a beer or two and I have water. It is nice and relaxing and has given me plenty of opportunity to be at the tiller and practice raising the mainsail and all the other boat tasks, including parking at the transient dock (a bit complicated, even with no wind and glassy water...).

This evening we went out and had a rollicking good time. Capt. Obvious cracked Capt. Adorable up by making a funny sound and repeating it over and over. Capt. Adorable was laughing so hard he almost fell down! In fact, he laughed so hard a tear came out of one eye! I was laughing myself silly too. Such Fun.

While we were on the boat we were informed that when Capt. Adorable grows up he is going to get "a cargo ship, only a cargo ship." Tonight Capt. Obvious looked it up and apparently you can buy a reasonable one for like 8 million. Much cheaper than one might have thought! (Ha!)

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