Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More PreSchool Angst

Captain Adorable has been giving conflicting comments about preschool since the last time he went (Thursday). I know he had a good time; they played outside, they dressed up (he said he wore a red dress and glitter shoes--he's very into glitter lately), they played with marbles and a marble run, they read books (I think), they played with the kitchen, they had a snack (watermelon).

But he has said everything from, "I'm too sick to go to school," (he has a cold) to "Yes, it will be fun," to "I want you to go to preschool with me, mama." This morning he delayed and delayed till we actually did not have time to eat breakfast before going (this, the same child who wakes up jumping every morning). Yet, he packed his backpack full of stuff to take along. When I protested that I did not want him to take library books he informed  me that the other kids brought books and that's what you were supposed to do. So I let him take them.

We had discussed that I would give him a hug and a kiss and then leave but when confronted with this actually happening he did not want to let go of me. There was crying and clinging to the gate. The teacher gently reproached me for not handing him to her, which I had not done because I wanted to convince him to walk down (to the playground in the back yard) on his own.

Even if I didn't send him to preschool, what would we do? All the kids his age go to preschool, so they've disappeared anyhow. Plus, this is only 2 days a week. We still have plenty of time together. Time to talk, read, play games, do art and other projects and explore the world together.

Oh my darling sweet boy. I know you enjoy it and I know it is a safe place for you. I hope for both our sakes that leaving me in the morning will become easier and easier. I love you.

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Diana said...

Hey sweetie - why is the start of school always such a hard time for us mothers? I know I am not there yet and so the value of my advice may be limited, but all I can say is "keep your chin up." What he wants (dependency on you) may not be the best thing for him in the long run - it's your job to teach him to be a strong independent boy and show him that he can do it! You're doing it the right way, with just a few hours of preschool a couple times a week. He will learn to love it, and it's so good for him (and you, too!) - don't give up! We're cheering for you!