Monday, September 27, 2010

So (Not) Romantic

At dinner this evening, Capt. Obvious asked Capt. Adorable if he knew what tomorrow was. Of course Capt. Adorable did not know, so Capt. Obvious explained that tomorrow is our eighth wedding anniversary. I think he said something like, "tomorrow is the day Mommy and I got married eight years ago." Capt. Adorable responded, "What is married?" Capt. Obvious' replied, "Married is when Mommy and I decided to be legally bounded (I think he meant bonded?) to one another and the take advantage of the tax benefits." While I was rolling my eyes Capt. Adorable asked where he was and I was able to inject some love into the conversation by telling him, "you were in my heart and in Daddy's heart."

Well, I suppose he was trying to be romantic. Just didn't exactly translate... :)

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alexis224 said...

Sigh. I tried replacing "bonded" with "bound" - even less romantic (well, depending on how you look at it I guess). Oh well, you summed it up beautifully for Capt. A. Avery asked me that question once and was alarmed and bewildered by my "apple in daddy's eye" answer.