Monday, November 29, 2010

Inspired By Watching A Cake Show

Yesterday the captains did yard work all day! There were a lot of leaves. I was inside, eating bonbons...ok not really, but I was relaxing on the couch, indulging in some television. In fact I was watching a cake show about various fancy bakeries making various fancy wedding cakes. Captain Adorable happened to come inside and I did not turn off the tv fast enough, so he got interested in the cake show. I turned off the sound and we talked about the show while it was on. There were cakes in all sorts of shapes, including one shaped like a big wheel of cheese.

Captain Adorable said he would like a cake shaped like a dinosaur--like a meat eating dinosaur. I asked what flavor the dinosaur cake should be. He replied it should be a meat cake. Through my laughter, I asked if he meant that it should be a meat-flavored cake and he said no, it should be made of meat! I thought this was hilarious and so he was even more inspired. By the end of our conversation he had clarified that he wanted a meat cake shaped like a meat-eating dinosaur made of meat from meat-eating dinosaurs!

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alexis224 said...

I am literally laughing out loud! Not just "lol" but the real deal. That's just fabulous. Mmmmmm meat!