Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Work On The Foyer

The paint has been finalized. Here you see Captain Adorable painting a piece of 2x4 while keeping his daddy company and Captain Obvious actually painting the trim. You can see the subfloor in these pics. Eventually the final coat was put on the wall and it all looks bright and beautiful in there!
A few minutes later he decided to paint his feet and all work was halted for the great wash down.
My darling husband, working hard as usual.
Last weekend, the new underlayment (1/4 plywood on top of the subfloor) was installed. With a (very) little help from me, the wood holder who doesn't actually hold the wood straight (sigh--I tried, I really did!). And today, Captain Obvious began installing the cork (floating floor)! There is still another day or so of work, but it is looking gorgeous so far.

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