Thursday, November 18, 2010

Magical Words From My Son

This afternoon I was racing around, all stressed out from half an hour plus on the phone trying to arrange dentist stuff and trying to get the house cleaned up in preparation for the cleaning lady's arrival. (She's only staying a certain period of time and I'd rather she spend that time cleaning than picking up.) I was also frustrated because Captain Adorable always turns into an insane rabid monkey when I am on the phone, sigh, so I had asked him to stay in his playroom while I finished on the phone. When I finished and called to ask him where he was, he informed me that he was in the bathroom on the toilet. I continued frantically stuffing things into the dishwasher (just getting them out of the sink so she can clean the sink and not the dishes). Some of the dishes, like wine glasses, are actually hand wash only, but I put them in there just to get them out of the way.

In my stress I broke a wine glass. Just by stuffing it in the dishwasher. Of course I exclaimed aloud (Oh no!) and of course my little captain called out, asking what had happened. When I told him I broke a glass he replied, "Everybody makes mistakes mommy. Its ok," and the proceeded to list all the people in his life who make mistakes (which is everyone of course). His calm, sweet encouragement was exactly what I needed.  Hearing the words I have said so often to him (its ok, everybody makes mistakes; you have to make mistakes in order to learn) come back to me at a moment when I really needed encouragement was just, was just--magical.

Oh how I love that child!

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Erin Pitts said...

I love when I hear my words of wisdom coming out in my child's sweet voice! It makes things right in the word, yes I have been listening, yes I understand and yes you can learn too;)