Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pregnant Friend

Today I baked scones and cheese straws in preparation for playing hostess this afternoon. Two friends I've known for 5 years (!) came over to my house for the first time. We had tea (I got to break out my beautiful fancy teapot and tea cups) and the aforementioned baked goods. It was a fun afternoon. :0 During the course of the visit it was announced that one of the friends is expecting a baby in June! I was very pleased to discover no anger or sorrow within myself. Maybe because I've been thinking and talking and writing about this so much I've gotten over it a little more?

Anyhow, a wonderful afternoon.


Diana said...

Isn't that funny how you can obsess about something and when you finally share it, it turns out that was a breakthrough moment and you may not even feel the same afterwards? It happens with me sharing my pet peeves with my husband all the time. Obviously your issue is much larger and hairier (and beautifully articulated in teh previous post) but I'm proud of you.

alexis224 said...

How wonderful!