Monday, November 15, 2010

Overwhelming Love/Luck/Blessings

Over the past few days I have been reminded, yet again, of the overwhelming love/luck/blessings in my life. Just when I was feeling so down about the whole second baby no go thing. The universe (or whatever you chose to call it) has yet again shown me that I have a full life, abounding with love and happiness. Mine eyes shine with joy.

(If I tried to list all my blessings this post would never be over, but let me hit a few high notes...) I have lovely friends--old and new. I have a beyond-amazing child who returns every iota of my intense love for him and yet actively lives his own life. My marriage is overall great and currently at a particularly outstanding spot. My relationship with my parents is just, well, if you want evidence of how great it is, check out the photo in the previous post--who else among you makes art with her/his mother? Seriously. :)

Yesterday morning I was wiping the kitchen table after breakfast. My eyes wandered outside as they often do. My view was of trees and clear blue fall sky. I stopped to breathe and look; outside the leaves were floating down from their branches. I was transfixed, still, watching them falling slowly through that autumn morning. How blessed was I, in that moment, that eternal moment living in my memory, to just be there, being there. Bliss is that simple.


Coogee said...

I know how hard it is to come to terms with not having anymore children. I have two children now and I feel abundantly blessed, but it took many years before number two came along. It was my husband's fight with leukemia that put plans for our second baby on hold for four years. And just eight months after she was born, I've was diagnosed with a brain tumour. No matter what you end up with - cancer reminds you to be happy with what you've got.

Rose said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. I love the way you've summed it up: "no matter what you end up with, cancer reminds you to be happy with what you've got." So absolutely true.