Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Today, in between watching my son open presents and play with them, I made more cookies. Yesterday I made sugar cookies, which the captains decorated with sugar before they went in the oven. This afternoon I baked them, then glazed them (simple mixture of confectioner's sugar, milk, and vanilla extract), then dropped sugar and sprinkles on them. Well, actually Captain Adorable did most of the sugar sprinkling. It was easier to decorate this way; they came out just like I had hoped.

Later in the evening I made apricot-raspberry rugelach. Here's the dough before being refrigerated. I made it the day before yesterday (it has to refrigerate overnight but can be kept for a few days before being rolled out.

The filling: first spread on seedless raspberry preserves, then put on a mixture of chopped apricots,  walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon.

Once the filling is in place, cut round into 12 pieces (I cut into quarters, then cut those into 3 pieces each.) Roll up from the outside edge.

The little pastry all rolled up.  Pastries laid out on cookie sheet ready for the oven; here you can see that some have been brushed with milk and coated with a cinnamon-sugar mix.

The rugelach are on the cooling racks, fresh from the oven.


Erin Pitts said...

OMG those look good!

Yvonne said...

Those goodies look fantastic! May I ask how many points one serving is?