Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree

I grew up celebrating Hanukkah, and Captain Obvious grew up celebrating Christmas (though neither of us considers her/himself a member of any major religion). So, you saw the photos from our Hanukkah celebration this year and now it is time for photos of our Christmas tree.

I'll give you two of decorating the tree and two that Captain Adorable took.

Several times a day, Capt. Adorable will sit back and declare "the tree is so beautiful." He is clearly enjoying it quite a bit and I love to see him appreciate and enjoy. It is quite nice: more elaborate than we've ever done before. Captain Adorable also enjoys the task of watering the tree every morning and faithfully reminds me each day. It has snowed twice at our house so far this winter (the second time being today) and Capt. Adorable gets very excited about the snow, because it is snow, and also because he thinks snow means it is Christmas (I guess I've let him watch that Barney Christmas special a time or two too many!). Usually he says, "Mommy! It is snowing! Is it Christmas Eve?"

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