Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been baking cookies. A lot of cookies. I've baked sugar cookies, hermits, currant-and-walnut rugelach, apricot-raspberry rugelach, and chewy molasses spice cookies. That's 19 dozen. And yet there are currently only 3 dozen in the house. Why? Well, there are 3 cookie monsters living in this house, plus I keep sending them off to be consumed by others. Captain Obvious took the first batch of rugelach (4 dozen of the currant-and-walnut) to his office; I gave away 2 dozen to Captain Adorable's preschool teachers, and sent a box with sugar cookies, hermits, and apricot-raspberry rugelach to...well...an undisclosed location (they'll find out soon enough, won't they, why ruin the surprise?), so about 3 dozen in all. Let's not discuss where the other 7 dozen went...OMG we ate 7 dozen cookies??? I've got to stop baking...but I can't stop...not yet! My sweet MIL has requested some apricot-raspberry rugelach, so I have to make some for her and probably some more sugar cookies as well.

Captain Adorable has helped in the kitchen an awful lot! Of course, who can complain when helping means measuring ingredients, using power tools (power mixer yeah baby), and unrestricted access to sugar and more sugar?

Here are some pics. I can't add captions to the sugar cookie making pics, but you can see pretty easily what they are and hopefully they don't really need explanation.
Hermits just out of the oven.

Hermits cut and ready to send off!

Rolling out the sugar cookie dough.


Anonymous said...

Hi, what are hermits?
Debbie from Mtl.

Rose said...

Debbie: if you google "hermit cookies" you will find many recipes and even a video or two. Here is a recipe close to the one I made. http://www.grouprecipes.com/7312/hermit-cookies.html But my recipe had toasted pecans, too.
My cookbook says they are called hermits because they keep so well. I thought they were delicious!