Monday, December 20, 2010

Treatment Options

I have chosen to use many types of treatment options for my illnesses throughout my life. I've had great success with homeopathic and natural remedies. I've used acupuncture, Feldenkrais, and aromatherapy with positive results. In fact, for more run-of-the-mill illness I've had much more success with those treatments than with allopathic medicine. I also truly believe in the power of diet and exercise. (Though I have not always followed these beliefs, because, well, sometimes we're all hypocrites aren't we?)

So, why have I chosen to use strictly allopathic medicine to treat my cancer? Well, maybe I am just not educated about the success rates of non-allopathic medicine for cancer treatment, or maybe I am jaded, having heard about the various theories about evil companies who want you to be sick so that they can make money off your illness for years, or maybe, well, maybe because I believe in science and scientific method.

Here's a comic that explains what I mean.

I love xkcd.

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