Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cooking At Preschool

Today I went to preschool with Captain Adorable. It was wonderful. I was really pleased with the peaceful, calm atmosphere, the loving, kind, encouraging teacher, and the explorations of the children. My child was feeling happy and confident and that made me more happy than anything but that kind of goes without saying, n'est pas? He was truly pleased to have me at school with him.

I cooked the Carrot Pennies recipe published in Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen. The kids seemed to have fun adding the ingredients to the pan and then went off to play while it cooked (really just making the sauce in the pan because the carrots were pre-steamed at home the night before). When the dish was ready (carrot slices, butter, brown sugar, a little lemon, a little salt, and a little water) I served it to an enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately they didn't all like it! They all tried it and a couple of them ate it all up (including one little darling who stayed at the table behind all the others to finish her plate). Of course one of the haters was my child. Ah well. I'm going to sign up to go to school again and next time I'll make muffins. :D

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