Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Two Steps Forward

So far this morning Captain Adorable has asked to use the potty twice and did a big pee each time (so was obviously saving up, know what I mean?). I am feeling very hopeful about the rest of the day...we will see how it goes, I suppose. I know I am not entirely finished with diapers (despite the new covers) because I will still use diapers for poops for a while...however, yesterday I managed to get him on the potty just as a turd fell out of his butt, so Captain Obvious and I both made a big deal about poo poo in the potty. Capt. Adorablw was pretty interested and I was really worried that he was going to grab the turd, but he did not. I know the book said not to praise products, just process (sitting on the potty), but dang I was happy and I really couldn't see a reason to ignore the fact that there was a turd in the potty!

I hate cleaning up after a poop in underpants! Yeech!

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