Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rash Much Improved

Well I am happy to report that my rash is much improved. Yes, my skin is still very dry and I need to apply oil and lotion a few times (about 3-4) times per day. My eyes still bother me, though not as badly (I have a few episodes of stinging/burning and tearing per day). I am still more sensitive to light and have to wear sunglasses all the time when outside. Of course because my face is all greasy my sunglasses get all greasy and much of the time I can't tell if my vision is blurry because of Tarceva or because of lotion on my sunglasses! :) It is true that I have a lot of pimples and I think my face looks terrible, but I've never had pimples, not even as a teenager, so any pimples at all seem like a terrible blight upon my face to me. Of course, perhaps what looks very bad to me is also partially hidden by my freckles.

The Captains and I are in Tennessee at my parents house and it is wonderful. Captain Adorable gets to have four devotees instead of only two and his parents get to play on their computers while the grandparents live it up hanging out with the baby (I call him that sometimes though he really is not a baby anymore).

Last night Captain Obvious set off a bunch of fireworks. It was very nice and Captain Adorable had fun watching from his relaxed, safe, warm spot in my arms. Last year he fell asleep during the fireworks in our town (or course he was nursing then) and this year he came very very close to sleep (it was significantly past his bedtime! bad parents!) but did not fall asleep. I think we will have another fireworks show tonight. More "boom boom" fun for both Captains!

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