Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day With Only One Accident

Today Captain Adorable is 18 months and 10 days old and he did every single pee and a poop in the potty. He asks for the potty verbally now (sounds like "paa"), which is very convenient, but I am still watchful for any sign that he needs to sit on the potty. He did start his after lunch poop in his underpants, but he told me what was going on and I rushed him to the bathroom! I read Dr. Seuss books to him while he finished up on the toilet.

Just to give a better idea of how proud of him I am, let me emphasize his accomplishment. We did not stay home all day (which would make it easier). We went shopping this morning (at discount warehouse and a grocery store, so not a quick trip) and his underpants were dry when we got home (first thing we do when we hit the door is sit on the potty). In the afternoon we went to Ms. Resourceful's house. Ms. Resourceful's daughter also uses the potty and it was funny that every time she went, Captain Adorable wanted to go also. I obliged and he squeezed out a little pee each time. It was convenient being at Ms. Resourceful's place because I could just take off his shorts and the waterproof cover and let him walk around in shirt and underpants, just like at home.

Once we left her house, we went to a discount store and then got gelati (yes, bad mother, getting sugary treats for an 18 month old!). All in all, the trip home was not looooong but not terribly quick either. His underpants were dry when we got home.

It seems pretty crazy wonderful to have only two pairs of underwear to wash after today (one with poop and one that he wore all day). I am so impressed with my little Captain!

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