Thursday, October 11, 2007

Napping Without Nursing

My parents left (boohoo). It was wonderful to have my mom here for the last two weeks--she was such an incredible help!

This morning I put my baby to sleep for a nap without nursing for the first time ever. My mom has been walking him in the stroller (for up to 2 and a half hours at a stretch!) in order to let him get in a good solid morning nap, but this morning she was already on her way home and I needed to get him to sleep. I put him in the Mei Tai (a baby carrier) and started off. The weather is gorgeous--really feels like fall outside, so I had the baby in a jacket, jeans, and socks. Sure enough, soon the movement of my body as I walk put my son to sleep and I felt him gently relax into my chest. I walked around a bit longer so that I could make sure he was really asleep (I didn't want him to wake up as soon as we got home). Thank goodness, it worked. He's still sleeping as I write this.


Lance Noe said...

i thought a Mei Tai was an alcoholic drink?

Are you slipping him little stiffies to get him to rest quietly?

Is it working? :)

Rose said...

Hey silly--the drink is called a Mai Tai, not a Mei Tai. ;) You've been drinking too many Mai Tais lately I think (hehe).