Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PET CT scan and MRI Results!

This morning I went in for the PET CT scan. I went to bed very late (after midnight--so hard for me to sleep without my husband and my baby, as I mentioned below). I figured that I would wake up when my breasts were full and I would pump when I woke up, thinking that would happen at like 3:00 or something. Nope I didn't wake up till 5:00 am and had one aching breast and one sore one. I pumped and dumped (boohoo to see all the lovely milk go down the drain but I knew it contained the bad dye) and then couldn't get back to sleep. Of course when the alarm went off at 6:30 I was asleep...

Anyhow, the PET CT was different than I expected. My sweet mother-in-law met me there, and having her to keep me company was wonderful. It makes me feel so thankful that she takes so much time out of her schedule just to be there to hold my hand for a tedious event like this. There was a kind tech there as well, and his chill attitude really helped me to relax. The radiologist came in to talk to me about the test and what I had to do to make sure it was a good test. Mainly I had to be as calm and relaxed as possible-even my thoughts had to be calm or my brain would suck up all the radioactive glucose. (hehe) I would not be able to read or talk or even listen to someone else talk. The doctor was very nice (they always mention it when they see on my chart that I've taken the bar...hmmmm...funny that they even note that on the chart...) and he answered all my questions. He also explained that I would have to be very very still when they put me inside the machine so that the pictures would be the best possible quality.
Then the tech came back and put in the IV. He put it in my arm, near the elbow joint, not in the hand and that was much nicer than the hand. I've really got to get over my hatred of IVs if I am going to do chemo! Once the IV was in, he tested my blood sugar (normal). I had to drink a glass of some white, thick liquid (I will look up what it was and add that later) and a glass of water. He left so I could pump, but not before telling me and my MIL (mother-in-law) that his wife nursed their child till 2! I felt even more friendly towards him. During the pumping I noticed my left breast was still feeling full and heavy but was not putting out much.

Then the injection of the radioactive glucose went in through the IV and the light got turned down and I closed my eyes and relaxed. It turned out that my sleepless night worked in my favor, for I found it easy to relax, alone there in the (sort of) comfy chair in a darkened room. They have a camera in the room, so they can watch you while you are supposed to be resting--I guess so if you decide to do some jumping jacks they can come stop you? The tech came back after about 15 minutes and gave me some more white liquid and water to drink.

Another 15 minutes after that, it was scan time. I was cautioned not to talk from the time of the injection, so I was silent. We went in to the CT scanner room, where I was disappointed to note that the CT machine was much bigger than the one I saw yesterday. This one was indeed big enough for my whole body to fit inside. But because I had already conquered the fear of the tube yesterday, it was fine. I did have to lie with my arms stretched above my head, but the tech wisely took out my IV to make it more comfortable for me. He was so thoughtful that when he covered my body with a sheet, he tucked it beneath my bare feet to keep them warm!

I was again able to use my exhaustion to keep my body still. I think I might have even dosed off towards the end.

When I got home I realized that I have at least 2 if not more clogged ducts and can't nurse for many more hours (not till 10:30 tomorrow morning). I did put a moist heat on the breast, but no movement in the clog to far...I sure hope I don't end up with mastitis. If only I could nurse that would help move this clog along.

My oncologist said she would give me the results of these scans on the 18th but when I emailed her this afternoon it turns out she will be out of the office on Thursday. However, she said she'd call me on Friday morning. Then she emailed with the results of the MRI--GOOD NEWS! No brain cancer!!!

My husband and I are drinking champagne. (I can't nurse anyway, so why not live it up and get a bit tipsy???)


Playing with the Squirrels said...

Glad to hear the good news! And you should whoop it up! Again, your graciousness astounds and shames me.

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