Friday, October 12, 2007

How I Feel

Since being diagnosed with cancer:

I've been angry.

I've been sad.

I've felt robbed.

I guess I still feel those emotions. But maybe I think it is also I'm beginning to see something like this: I always thought I was on the 100 year plan (or maybe the 120 year plan!) and now cancer has made me see that most likely I am working on maybe the 40 or 50 year plan. But the big thing I missed is that those 50 or 60 years that seem stolen were never guaranteed to begin with. Each day is a gift, not just a means to next year.

My baby is beautiful and sweet and amazing. Every moment I get to spend with him is a lifetime of joy.

1 comment:

Lance Noe said...

Amen sister! Enjoy every second you have with him. focus on him and not the cancer and you will be JUST FINE!

I LOVE YOU AND SCREAM YOUR NAME EVERY TIME I HAVE PLEASURE! which, i must say, is a bit disconcerting to the guys i am with!