Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Went To The Dentist

Went to the dentist yesterday to have my teeth cleaned. The oncologist told me to do so because we want to avoid all possible sources of infection. Chemo compromises your immune system, so fighting an infection while having chemo is not a good idea. At first the dentist said I had a cavity! But it turned out not to be a cavity, just a deep groove in my tooth, so that was a relief. My wisdom teeth are all impacted, so the dentist said I should just leave them alone unless they bother me. The surgery to get them out at this point would be pretty intense--involving cutting bone and all that, so I think I am going to follow his advice and leave them alone.

The oncologist also told me to get a flu shot...I don't really want to do that one...we will see.

My husband wants me to do chemotherapy and I guess I am taking preparatory actions.

I'm going to Mount Vernon (George Washington's home) with my parents and my son. Should be fun...

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Lance Noe said...

Wow, i had never heard of that "clean your teeth" idea. makes sense though.

I am glad you have started this blog i think it will do you well.

BE HAPPY! You're loved!